Sun Country Highway

“We want to help green Canada’s highways by fostering a culture shift toward greener living.”
– Sun Country Highway Ltd.

M.B. Eye Electrical strives to promote change through innovative energy advancements the moment they are available to the public. Being a certified installer of EV chargers for Sun Country Highway is a harmonious pairing and the process to become certified could not have been more inspiring. Together we will lead the electric vehicle movement throughout Prince Edward Island and the Atlantic provinces.

Sun Country Highway Ltd. Is a progressive Canadian owned company who is in charge of environmental change. They are raising awareness and promoting the adoption of zero emission transportation. Sun Country was founded by Kent Rathwell to build the most sustainable electric vehicle infrastructure in this world.

Together with our diverse backgrounds and expertise we seek to build the most earth-friendly, healthy region we can. Sun Country aims to empower Canadians to make mindful choices that bring a cohesive blending of economics and environmental sustainability.M.B. Eye Electrical will power this evolution one charging station at a time.

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