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The Story of Our Home (Or, A Part of It Anyway).

The story of our home begins in April of 2014. That's when they first broke ground. I say "they" because I wasn't totally on the scene at that point. Though we had barely just begun dating, I certainly wouldn't have ever expected that this new house Matt had been telling me all about was also going to be my new home too. Life's funny that way, right?

Even when our relationship started getting serious and I was tagging along with him to all the building supply stores I had a hard time saying the word, "our." But we were undeniably serious about one another early on and there was no doubt where it was all heading.

In the beginning I think I just provided Matt with a second opinion for some of the ideas he was planning to incorporate into the house. When I heard about the dark cabinetry, dark hardwood floors and black appliances that were all on order, I knew I had to intervene!

I had never claimed to be an interior decorator, but I was happy to offer Matt a "women's touch"on the whole project - especially for the sake of that poor black kitchen! Before long I was pinning favourite colour schemes and faucet styles to Pinterest and consulting with Matt on everything from wall colours to window treatments. I guess you could just say I have a knack for that.

Even though it was still early in the game for us as a couple, I was thrilled to think that I could be helping select beautiful elements for a home we may share together in the near future - all three of us, as a family.

As an electrical contractor, Matt had been planning a lot of modern and techy features for the home too, including a 6.75 Kw solar array on the front roof which currently helps to offset about 40% of our energy costs. The house would be heated with convection electric heating throughout, have all LED lights installed and a seriously cool wireless sound system in almost every room of the house. Streaming music and movies from the palm of your hand basically means 'family dance party' every night after supper.

Fast forward several weeks, Matt and I had solidified the relationship and all of that good stuff. We were so anxious to get moved in the house! Truly counting the days! Toward the final two or three weeks of construction we were basically there every day, cleaning up after the crew, sweeping and vacuuming drywall dust, installing whatever we could wherever we could - light fixtures, closet shelves and door knobs. We were just so ready to get in there.

Recently, Matt made it known to me that one of his favourite memories of us together is the day we came to the house and the kitchen cabinetry was being installed. He said he will never forget the look on my face of being so surprised and pleased with how it looked. I remember that moment too. I couldn't believe that one day I was standing on a plywood floor looking at flat drywall, and the next day I'm actually looking at my cabinets on the wall. It was like...wow. Reality just set it. And I was pleased. I was very happy that I chose the design elements I did and that Matt really liked the choices too. I mean I basically saved that kitchen's life. : )

So, obviously, the time came, the construction was pretty much complete and we moved in. It was July 4, 2014. Exactly three months later on October 4, we were married in our backyard.

These days we often talk about how even if we built another home for ourselves (or a home-away-from-home), we would both find it extremely difficult to ever think of selling this one. Mostly it's due to the fact that this is where we were married of course, but it's more than that. This is something we created together and at the time, fell in love with one another over. This home was the first one of Matt's dreams he shared with me. And every day since then, he's a part of my dreams - living here, decorating this space, creating our gardens, and sharing our lives with one another here. All of my dreams have come true here.


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