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The Business Of Breaking Ground

"If you don't build your dreams, someone will hire you to help build theirs."

By now, many of our friends and family have heard that Matt and I are building another solar home across the street, and since we break ground tomorrow, we thought we would share all the official details here about our exciting new adventure!

Let me start by dispelling the rumour that we are going to be living in this house. I can't even imagine what it would be like to pack up this entire home we just got settled into all in an effort to move a mere 60 feet away - so no! This house is not for us. We are building this home to sell and it is the very first of many solar home projects we dream of tackling.

Though the idea to build and sell seemed like a no-brainer given Matt's experience and amazing connections in the trades industry, our idea only became a reality just a few short months ago over more than one cup of tea at Starbucks.

As we were promoting solar energy options this past winter, we saw the consumer interest in highly efficient, green energy options on PEI was huge. M.B. Eye Electrical had some great publicity via social media with the solar and the list of corporate and residential installations being booked for this spring is lengthy. But we started to think that selling home owners on the benefits of having a solar system installed on their existing home was no less difficult than selling a brand new home already complete with solar.

We had just built this home together one year ago, and knew that each step of that process had been an awesome adventure together. We love our own home and believed that we could easily do it all over again. So, we started talking. And imagining. And suddenly we were looking at home plans and vacant lots. With a little boy at home, we knew nothing would be more convenient than building a new home on the lot right across the street. Before we knew it, it happened. We bought that lot, decided on a home plan, and tomorrow there'll be an excavator here to dig the hole.

Our company name is Eyeland Solar Homes. We have big dreams - not just for this business venture together, but for the future of our Island communities. Our dream is to see entire subdivisions and towns across our province embracing all the benefits of solar energy. Our dream is to see a greener, cleaner province and our provincial leaders finally embracing the future of the world. We hope to blaze a trail for big change in the ways that Island families access affordable, energy efficient housing to live a greener lifestyle.

We know this will be another huge adventure in our own family, and we can't wait to see how God works in our lives through this project. We appreciate having you read our blog and we invite you to share it with your friends and family who may be interested in learning more about solar homes, our businesses, or our family. We covet your prayers for this adventure too and thank you in advance for thinking of us, our building partners and the prospective new home owners who will live in this house and make it their home.

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